Oklahoma LAN Party

Monthly LAN Parties held in Oklahoma City the 3rd Saturday every month for just $10.

Unfortunately our country has had a dismal response to Corona Virus. A lack of leadership accross the board has left us to fend for ourselves and try to decide on our own what sources to believe will help protect ourselves. The best medical experts are ignored and false information regarding use of masks and other basic precuations is spread on social media. This leaves those of us that are taking precautions to go out among the plague rats as little as possible. To seek sustenance, to live with the reality that we cannot go and be social without risking our lives and wellbeing and that of those we care for most, our friends and family.
There are countries out there that have effectively curtailed the transmission of Corona Virus. Japan and New Zealand come to mind, and are a model of how to treat this constant threat. Hopefully our leadership will follow their lead.
It is my sincerest hope that either we start requiring people to take precautions in public or that a safe, affordable, and widely available vaccine is produced. It will not be until this indeterminate time that we will have LAN Parties again.


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LAN Parties are held at
Co-Laboratory Makerspace
3810 N Tulsa Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Rules and Information

More information and rules of the LAN Party.