Rules and Information

Monthly LAN Parties in OKC


LAN Party attendees must be 18 years of age or older. No admittance will be granted for those under 18. We are sponsored by Co-Laboratory and as such you must follow all rules and by-laws in the code of conduct of Co-Laboratory.

1. Respect other’s property. Do not touch other’s stuff unless you have their permission.
2. Do not touch or manipulate network equipment used to run the LAN party. If there is a problem, seek the assistance of a staff member.
3. Be cautious of power and network lines. Do not walk along the wall between tables where network and power lines lay.
4. Only plug into the provided power strips, do not plug into the wall outlets.
5. Do not bring your own networking gear, no routers, switches etc.
6. Do not become excessively intoxicated.
7. No smoking in the building. There is a nearby door to the outside where you can go.
8. No brandishing weapons. We don’t want to see your new gun.
10. Behave like an adult, treat each other with respect. Banter is acceptable but recognize when you are upsetting someone, and if they tell you that you’re going to far cease it.
11. Excessive profanity, viewing of pornography, rudeness, and general inappropriate behavior will get you asked to leave. Repeat offenders will be told not to come back.
12. Respect staff and follow their instructions. If you have an issue with staff instructions, you may pack your stuff and leave.
13. Respect and treat our host venue and it’s property well. There are offices in the building that may be occupied by employees of those businesses. If you accidentally damage venue property, notify staff immediately so that we can handle it.

–Where is it?–
We are currently looking for a new venue. If you have a lead on a good venue please let us know on discord. A link to the discord can be found on the main page.

–What should I bring?–
$10 Attendance Fee
Other peripherals you may want
Snacks and Drinks

Oklahoma LAN Party (OLP) attendance fees are used to pay for equipment used at the LAN party. Tables, chairs, network cables, network equipment and file server. Once these things are fully paid for, and a suitable amount is stashed for future expenses, OLP fees will be used to pay for use of the venue and excess will go to charity.

–Network Info–
Full Gigabit
Telcom Grade Force 10 switches
Cat5e ethernet cables
100mb + Fiber Internet
OpenSense Router on Dell R410 with dual processors and 16gb of RAM
QOS rules to fairly split bandwidth among all users